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Sunday Service:

10:00AM - 12:30PM

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11:00AM - 12:30PM

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7:00PM - 8:30PM

Last Fridays - Night Vigils:
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Welcome To RCCG Rivers Of Love

Dear Beloved This is Your Month of TESTIMONIES! - REVELATION 12:11


Text: Genesis 34:4; 1 Sam.17:1-end; Psalm 105:24*; Ps.106:32-33; Isaiah 53;7a; Psalm 20;1-9; Ps.22:20; Ps.31:15-17; Ps.37:18; Is.50:7-9; Ps.121:1-8.


The devil does not run after a failure but he looks for a “King” already on his way to the “throne” to BRING DOWN.


People await your arrival at your destination so WHAT YOU SEE, HEAR and HOW YOU REACT MATTER a lot.


When attacks come, opposition rises, critics want to bring you down, know that your lifting is just too great for them to bear.


Opposition should be a ladder and a stepping stone to your greatness.


Do not slaughter your beautiful and great destiny on the ALTAR OF MEN’S CRITICISM. Many destinies have been killed or distracted because of criticism and attacks.


Be focused so that you can outlive your distracters and put them to shame. SILENCE SOMETIMES MAY BE A WEAPON.


Constructive and destructive criticisms, from professional critics, satanically ordained critics, must be to your advantage to put things right. Criticism is an instrument to actualise dreams/destiny.


The greater your attitude, the more opposition you get.


Opportunities are perfected by oppositions.


Opposition makes you to be conscious of how you pass through each phase in life.


Opposition normally starts with critics who are your relatives, close associates (past or present) – Micah 7;6b


If God has given you a vision, if He is the one that has put that potential in you, the striving of men against you shall not prevail.


Your critics may be your blood brothers and sisters, trusted associates. Know for sure that because God is leading you, your critics shall fall for your sake. – Psalm 41:9-11; 1Sam.17:33


Criticism will never cease, as long as the earth remains.


When God gives you an instruction and you are afraid of criticisms, if you listen to them, you will go down with them. Avoid SENTIMENTS, please.


Success in life cannot be truly measured by the position on has attained but by the obstacles and hurdles one has overcome.



$11.       TOTAL OBEDIENCE TO GOD – Gen.6:22; 1Samuel 15:22

$12.       ABSOLUTE LIVING FAITH – Heb.11:7


$14.       COMPLIANCE TO THE WORD – John 2:5, Ps.3:5, Num.23:19

$15.       COURAGE AND BOLDNESS – Prov.28:1

$16.       DISCIPLINE AND INTEGRITY – Ps.25:21

$17.       TOUGH PERSEVERANCE – Phil.3:13-14



$11.       David, very young and inexperienced was opposed by his brothers. First opposition on his path to greatness.

$12.       Saul vs (38&39) wore him armour of disturbances. Vs.39b ...and David put them off.

$13.       Goliath opposed him vs.42-44



The mule that fell into a deep waterless pit and the people, villagers, friends wanted to bury him alive with rocks, sands and rubbles etc but the mule used those rubbles thrown at him as a ladder out of the pit.


Prayer point

  • Thank the Lord for He is able to deliver
  • Lord delivers me from all the expectations of my enemies in Jesus name.
  • Lord bring to nothing all the counsels of wickedness against my life/home etc in Jesus name
  • Any evil awaiting to happen in my future, be aborted in Jesus name.
  • I shall not fall for anyone to rise, neither shall I die for anyone to live in Jesus name.
  • Satan will not write the last chapter of your life in Jesus name
  • Father let the grace for outstanding manifestation, fall upon me in Jesus name
  • By the unquestionable power of the Almighty God, I will rule and reign among my critics in the name of Jesus.
  • Father let my life change for the better to the glory of your name.


ROL 2015 Closing Prophecy

1.    I move from minimum to maximum

2.    I am lifted

3.    My God will fight for me

4.    I am singled out for favour

5.    I receive a giant testimony

6.    I will not miss my miracle and my season

7.    My case is settled today

8.    I receive fresh Holy Ghost fire

9.    The Lord is my Shepherd

10.  My water is turned to sweet wine

11.  Every siege against my family is lifted

12.  All my problems have been swallowed up

13.  I am not a victim, I am a victor

14.  I am not a mistake, I am a miracle

15.  This is my year



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