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 Sunday School:
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Sunday Service:

10:00AM - 12:30AM

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Last Fridays - Night Vigils:
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Welcome To RCCG Rivers Of Love

Dear Beloved







I declare that I am the redeemed of the Lord for God bought me with a high price, the blood of Jesus. Wherever I go, I return to Zion with singing. I will return with everlasting joy in my head. I will obtain joy and gladness. Trouble and trouble shall flee away from me. My desert shall rejoice & blossom like the rose, it shall blossom abundantly and rejoice even with joy & singing.

The Lord will strengthen my weak hands and he shall make firm my feeble knees. The Lord will cause my wilderness to burst forth with waters. He will make a high way of holiness for me in the wilderness and in the desert of my life and as I walk on the high way I will not go astray.

The Lord my shepherd will continue to guide me. He will lead me beside the still waters, he will restore my soul, he lead me in the path of righteousness for his Name sake, his word will continually be a lamp on my feet and a light to my path. I will not fall into the snare of the wicked, the Lord will guide me and he will incline my heart to perform his status in Jesus name. I am blessed, healed and delivered.



•Thank God for UK and Pray for divine intervention and protection over UK, Ps 91

• Father, Let your light overshadow every activities of darkness in Our Nation, Gen. 1:3

•Pray for unity in our nation Ps.133:1

•Lord, cause revival to happen in every city, county of UK, Ps 85:6

•Lord, let your glory fill UK and decree peace and tranquillity to prevail in UK, Philip 4:6-8, Ps 122



The Lord will perfect that which concerns me, his mercy over me shall endure forever. The Lord formed my inward part and covered me in my mother’s womb, no sickness, or disease will come near me. Physical, spiritual and mental disorder will not come near my habitation. Surely my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ has borne my grief, He has carried my sorrows, He was wounded for my transgression, He was bruised for my iniquities, the chastisement of my peace was upon him, and by his stripes I am healed.

So I will not die, I will live to declare the glory of the Lord in the land of the living. For many are my afflictions, but the Lord will deliver me from them all. In the days of my afflictions and sorrows the Lord will lay my stones with colourful gens, He will lay my foundations with sapphires, He will make my pinnacles of rubies and my gates of crystal, He will make my walls of precious stones and all my children shall be thought of the Lord and great shall be the peace of my household.

I will be established in righteousness I will be far from oppression, and I will not fear, no terror shall come near me in Jesus name.

Whoever assembles himself against me shall fall for my sake in Jesus name. No weapon formed against me shall prosper every tongue that rises against me in judgement I shall condemn. I am blessed, healed and delivered.



•Lord, empower the leadership of RCCG with supernatural strength, unusual wisdom, and supernatural insight to lead your church to a greater height, Isaiah 40:10, Isaiah 11:1-3

•Pray that the leaders will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in all areas of their assignment, Rom 8: 14                    

•Let us ask God to visit RCCG with signs and wonders as we continues to plant more churches all over the world in Jesus name, Acts 4:16

•Pray for the release of men and women of different ethnicities, prayer warriors and dedicated workers in every parishes, Exodus 15:17



Deliver me O’ my God out of the hand of the wicked for you are my hope, you are my trust from youth, you have upheld me from my birth, you are the one who formed me out of my mother’s womb even though I become a wonder to many you are my strong refuge, let my mouth be filled with your praise, let my life be full of your glory, O’ Lord do not be far from me, O my God make haste to help me, let the adversaries of my life be confounded and consumed. Turn the counsels of Ahitophel of my life into nothing, Lord guide me with your counsels. Establish me not O’ Lord in the counsel of the ungodly, cause me to fear no evil when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, protect me O’ Lord for you will always be my Lord.

Your rod & staff will continually act as my comfort, I will ascend unto the hill of the Lord, I will stand in your holy place, my hands will be clean and my heart shall be pure, I will not lift my soul to any idol and neither will I swear deceitfully. I will receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of my salvation

Lift up your heads o’ ye gates in my life and be lifted up all everlasting doors. The King of glory shall remain and abide in my life, lift up your heads o’ ye gates, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle has come into my life. The Lord of host, he is the King of glory. He will fight all battles for me in Jesus name. I am blessed, healed and delivered.



•Thank God for the success and testimonies in ROL

•Pray against the plans, and purpose and intention of the devil in ROL, John 10:10

•Pray for the move of the Holy Spirit as never before, Acts 2:1-4

•Pray for a great harvest of soul in ROL

•Pray for God’s goodness and favour for ROL

•Pray that Pastor Charles will receive a fresh anointing for God’s work Acts 10:38

•Pray for divine advertisement and divine invitation for ROL



I shall dwell in the secret place of the most high. I will abide under the shadow of the almighty. He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. the Lord will cover me with his feathers and I will take my refuge under his wings, his truth shall be my shield and bucker, I will not be afraid of the terror that flies at night nor of the arrows that flies by day nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness nor of the destructions that lay waste at noon day, A thousand may fall at my side and ten thousand at my right but it shall not come near me only with my eyes will I look and see the reward of the wicked because I have made the Lord my refuge.

No evil shall befall me nor shall any plague come near my dwelling, the Lord shall give his Angles charge over me to keep me in all my ways. I shall trend on the lion and the cobra, the young lion and the serpent I will trample them under my foot. I have set my love upon the Lord therefore He will deliver me, His angels shall bear me up least I dash my foot against a stone. I will call upon him and He will answer me. He will deliver me and bless me; with long life he will satisfy me and show me his salvation in Jesus name. I am blessed, healed and delivered.




•Thank God for the life of Daddy and Mummy G.O and family. Ps 105: 13-15

•Let us ask for God’s protection and divine health for Daddy and Mummy G.O and family.     3 John 2

•Let us pray they God will empower Daddy and Mummy G.O the more to be able to cope with their ministerial assignment globally, Zech 10:12, 2 Thess. 3:1-2

•Pray for special grace, mercy and anointing for him and his family, Acts 10:38



The Lord will strengthen me to break in pieces the gates of bronze; he will empower me to cut the bars of iron. He will give me the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places. The Lord will contend with him who contend with me. He will feed those who oppress me with their own flesh, my enemies will be drunk with their own blood like sweet wine, the Lord has given me the tongue of the learned that I may know how to speak words in season to him who is weary. The Lord God has opened my ears and I was not rebellious nor did I turn away. I gave my back to those who struck me and my cheek to those who plucked my beards. I did not hid my face from shame and pity, for the Lord God will help me, therefore I will not be disgraced and I know that I will not be ashamed Jehovah Saboath is here who justifies me, the Holy One of Israel is His name. Who will contend with me let us stand together. Who is my adversary? Let him come near me, surely the Lord will help me, who is he who will condemn me? Surely they will grow old like a garment the mole will eat them up, all those who kindle fire against me shall perish in their own fire they will lie down in torment in Jesus name. I am blessed, healed and delivered.




•Thank God for the gospel of Christ that is penetrating the unreached part of the world, Ps 91:11

•Thank God for what He is doing in the body of Christ, Matt 16:18

•Ask that God will purge His church of sins, Ps 51:1

•Pray for a fresh anointing upon the church as we preach the good news, Rom 15:19

•Pray for mighty revival and unity in the body of Christ, Gen12:2, Acts 2:1-4, 47



I shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose water does not fail and my old waters places shall be built. I will raise up the foundations of many generations. I shall be called the repairer of the bridge, the restorer of street to dwell in. I will delight myself in the Lord and He will cause me to ride on the high hills on the earth and He will feed me with the heritage of Abraham.

I will rise and shine for my light has come and, the glory of THE LORD is risen upon me, even thou the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the earth. The Lord will arise over me and His glory will be seen upon me. The gentiles shall come to my light and the kings to the brightness of my rising, my sons shall come from afar and my daughters shall be nursed at my side. I shall see and become radiant and my heart shall swell for joy. The abundance of the sea shall be turned to me, the multitudes of camel shall cover my land and the flocks of kedara shall be gathered to me, the rams of Nebaioth’ shall minister unto me, The ship of Tarshish shall bring my sons from afar with their silver and gold with them, The sons of foreigners will build my walls and their kings will minister to me. My gates shall be continually opened, they shall not be shut day and night. The nation and kingdom which will not serve me they shall all perish in Jesus name. I am blessed, healed and delivered.



•Pray for social reconciliation in our community

•Pray for spiritual transformation in your borough, Acts 2: 6-7

•Pray that through your parish, your borough will be saved, Isa 58:12

•Pray for families that revival will start in their souls

•Thank God for these 21 days of fasting and praying and for making you a partaker



I shall be named the priest of the Lord, I shall eat the riches of the gentiles. I shall boast in your glory. Instead of my shame I shall have double honour; my soul shall be joyful in God for He has clothed me with garment of salvation.

As the young man marries a virgin so shall my God marry me, A bridegroom rejoices over his wife so shall my God rejoice over me. My red sea shall be parted before me and swallow all my enemies. The Egyptians I see now I shall see them no more. The Lord will cause the walls of my Jericho to collapse before me. My Goliath shall I slain with their own sword. The sun of righteousness shall arise over me with healing in His wings.

I shall go out and grow fat like stalk fed calf. I shall trample on the wicked for they shall be ashes under the sole of my feet. The Lord will cause the enemy who rise up against me to be defeated before in my face. They shall come against me one way but they shall flee from me in seven ways. The Lord will grant me plenty of goods in the fruit of my body, in the increase of my livestock and in the produce of my ground.

The Lord will make me the head and not the tail, I shall be above only and not beneath. My threshing floor shall be full of wheat, and the vine shall overflow with new wine. The Lord will restore to me the year that swimming locust has eaten, I shall eat in plenty and be satisfied in Jesus name. I am blessed, healed and delivered.



  • 111 Ask God to part every river Jordan before you and remove everything that is blocking the way to your destiny. 2 kings 2.12-14, Matt 7.7; 2 kings 2.12-14
  • 112 Ask that every curse in your family, town and everywhere change to blessings. Ex. 28.1-14
  • 113 Ask that God would show all those who have been mocking you saying, where is your God, that He is by your side.
  • 114 Ask God to make your blessing last forever so that, after my death, will still be a blessing. Gen 12.2-3
  • •Thank God for answered prayers





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