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Saturday, 15 January 2011 17:17



Title:Thanksgiving - How Much He Did

Text: 1Cori. 1:4-9 ;  Luke 17:12-19

Be aggressively Thankful. When it comes to living, do you take things for granted or take them with gratitude? Do you count God's blessings, or do you discount them, Because Thanksgiving is the attitude of a productive life.

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. How long has it been since you've thanked those closest to you? The person who is not thankful for what he's got isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get.

Ingratitude never ends - John Mason

People who forgets ( or never learn) the language of gratitude will never find themselves on speaking terms with happiness. They could be on speaking terms but not with happiness if gratitude is missing. Gratitude is an ingredient for joy in marriage, church, work-place etc.

Thanksgiving, you will find, creates power in your life because it opens the generators of your heart to respond gratefully, to receive joyfully, and to react creatively.

The best rule is: whatever you are given, gratefully receive it. Whatever help you receive, be grateful. When You spend your time thanking others for the good things, there won't be any time left to complain about about the bad.

Illustration: When you return from work before you start complaining about how the children have messed. Up the house, first thank God for Children in the house and that they can mess up the house. Thank God for having a job to go to and for journey mercies etc

There are three enemies of Personal Peace - William WardRegret over yesterday's mistakesAnxiety over tomorrows problemsIngratitude for today's blessing.

Story- a young lady came into UK with a visiting VISA, the very week she arrived, she started worrying about her extension, worried over the short stay on her tickets, affected the people around her and never enjoyed her short stay until she returned. On getting back to Nigeria, she started regretting she did not take time to enjoy her self when she was in UK.

If you can't be satisfied with what you have, be thankful for where you are coming from and what you have escaped. People sleep and they don't wake up People party and get drugged and rapedPeople get carried away, jumped the red light and never escaped the law or accidentBad things also happen to good people

We all have a lot for which to be thankful. For example: no matter what house you live in, wouldn't you rather be there than the best hospital or the best prison in the city? No matter the type of car you drive, wouldn't you prefer it to the best Ambulance? No matter the kind of bed you have, wouldn't you prefer it to the best casket? Count your blessings at every opportunity, take some time to reflect on all you have.

Apostle Paul was a man who was always full of thanks to God. After the book of Pslam, the writings of Paul shows more gratitude to God than any of the other books in the bible.
Paul was wise enough to look back to where God has brought him to where he was: a man who persecuted the church day and night, threw many Christians into prison, turtured them with wipes,rods and starvation. He was there in Act Chapter 8 as a chairman consenting to the murder of Steven.

God showed him great grace and made him a partaken of the inheritance of the Saints in Christ Jesus. He became a man defending the same church that he vowed to destroy.
Paul could not explain the INFINTE mercy of God, why God chose him as a vessel of mercy and not of destruction. He was so grateful to God that he called all his suffering a LIGHT AFFLICTION - 2Corithians 4:17; 2Cori. 11:16-21

A grateful man is one who has learned of the mercy and grace of God to look at what God has done and not what He has not done. - Paul said I will not boast in my flesh but in Christ, because He understood what Christ has done for him.

The reason why many are not humble is because they do not know how much Christ has done for them.
The reason why many are not merciful is because they do not know how much Christ has done for them.
The reason why many do not give to the work of God is because they do not know how much Christ has done for them.
The reason why many do not appreciate their spouses or children is because they do not know how much Christ has done for them.
The reason why many serve God on their own terms is because they do not know how much Christ has done for them.

Illustration: the old man that came into the church to tell a story about his son and his friend on how he had to chose who to save when their boat capsized. He saved his son's friend because he was a sinner and his son a believer as the scriputure says "to be absent in the body is to be present before the Lord". He knew his son will go to heaven, but for the friend, no. so he saved a soul and not just a life.

The same the Father did for you and I.

Paul knew that he was destined for hell but Christ intercepted and saved his life by giving His own life. If we can look at a few things that Christ has done for us, we would be forever grateful to God and brush aside the light affliction that we suffer now, the light affliction do not spare anyone including the Pastor or the General overseer. "For it is common to all men"

How Much Did Jesus Do? And why should we be Thankful!

1. He paid the ultimate price for our sin and gave us access into God's presence - John 19:20
2. He gave us power - Act 1:8, Luke 10:19
3. He made us rich in His mercies, grace, health, wealth, wisdom etc - 2 Cor.8:9, Pro.10:22 ; 111John2
4. He gave us His Word ( Covenant) - Ps.119:89; Ps.132:2, John 1:1-3, Heb. 6:18
5. He gave us Eternal life and a sure place in with Him in Heaven - John14:1-4, 1John 5:11; John 3:15
6. He gave us the Holy Spirit, not leaving us as orphan - John14:15-18

A proud man is seldom a grateful man for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves; a proud man can hardly recognise what God has done for him how much more what man has done for him.
Don't be a man who has a highly developed instinct for being unhappy, Instead, "be glad for all God has done for you and for all He is planning for you. Be patient in trouble, and prayerful always"

Romans 12:12rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; (Romans 12:12 NKJV)

cheerfully expectant. Don't quit in hard times; pray all the harder. (Romans 12:12 MSG)

Find fifty things to be thankful for today. Creative ideas will spring forth as a result of the mental conversation you are having with yourself. The most highly satisfied life can be found in being thankful.

Thankful words don't cost much, yet they accomplish more than can be perceived. Talk to God, thankful words.

Go to two-three people and tell them what the Lord had done for you.


2012 FEBRUARY FAST (Is.43 vs 19).



Note: Let each day begin with Praises, Thanksgivings for Pastor E.A Adeboye, his family, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Executive Council, RCCG Central Office, Provincial Pastors, Zonal Pastors, Area Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses, RCCG Workforce and for yourself.


  •  ·          Thank God for the victories, testimonies, miracles ,signs and wonders  provided for us in  the past 60 yrs of existence of RCCG worldwide.
  •  ·          Thank God for the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost and His promises that guarantee our victory in battles over the year.
  •  ·          Thank God for the expansion of RCCG UK and RCCG worldwide the new structure -its unity and peace.
  • ·          Thank God for our Daddy the General Overseer for keeping Him for the past 70yrs.
  • ·          Thank God for the UK and the events that will take place this year( Royal Coronation celebration, the Olympic, etc.
  • ·          Thank God for revival and spiritual awakening in the UK.
  • ·          Thank God for RCCG programmes FOL, OMC, RCCG Workers’ Rally, etc in this year of a New Thing.

THANKSGIVING - Jer 30:19, Ps 107: 1-43, Ps 136:1-end, Ps 92:1-5, 103:1- end.:

1.      Father, thank you for making all things go well in 2011 in all RCCG churches.

2.      Father, thank you for the Church Plants and increases in 2011.

3.      Father, thank you for numerical growth in all RCCG Churches in 2011.

4.      Father, thank you for peace and tranquillity experienced in all RCCG Churches worldwide.

5.      Father, thank you for the special grace and strength you gave Daddy G.O and the Leadership in 2011.

6.      Father, thank you for the success of all RCCG programmes in 2011.

7.      Father, thank you for the prophecies you’ve given us in 2012 and the fulfilment of them all.

8.     Father, we thank you for uncountable miracles, signs and wonders experienced in RCCG in 2011.

9.     Father, thank you for Daddy G.O, Mummy G.O, their family and the protection experienced in 2011.

10.  Father, we thank you because 2012 shall surpass anything we have ever experience in RCCG, in word, increase, increase, miracles e.t.c.

LEADERSHIP - 1Tim 2:1-2, Ps 127:1-2, Ps133: 1-3, Ps 25; 8, Zech 2:5, Is 32:15, 50:4

Col 2:14-15, 2 Cor2:14, 1cor 3:1-10.

  1. Father, grant your son and the leadership of RCCG supernatural strength spirit, soul and body.
  2. Dear Lord, surround the leadership with divine peace, quietness and joy for the work ahead.
  3. Father, place your hedge of protection around the leadership of RCCG. No weapon fashioned against them shall prosper.
  4. Daddy, empower the leadership with unusual wisdom, supernatural, insight to lead your Church to greater heights in all areas.
  5. Dear Lord, let the leadership in all levels be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the vision.
  6. Lord, answer the prayers of our leaders this year that they may be totally focused on the job at hand.
  7. Daddy, let there be fresh apostolic grace upon our leaders to enable unusual expansion for your church, RCCG.
  8. Oh Lord, pour out your spirit afresh upon Daddy G.O, Mummy G.O and their helpers.
  9. In 2012, dear Lord, encourage every leader, visit them and uphold them in righteousness.
  10. Daddy, we uproot, dislodge and frustrate every institution of hell concerning our leadership. We declare there shall be no scandal.

CHURCH GROWTH - Is 60:1-end, Is 55:5, 8-13, Zech 2:4-5, John 17:12, Rom8:28-35, Mt 16:18

  1. Dear Lord, let all our parishes experience unprecedented numerical growth this year.
  2. Daddy, increase the manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles in our Churches to provoke supernatural growth.
  3. Lord, let every RCCG parish begin to experience unusual conversion of sinners to saints this year.
  4. Lord, establish every convert in our parishes this year until they become disciples.
  5. Dear Lord, grant wisdom and insight to our Parish Pastors to know what to do to bring growth.
  6. Oh Lord, establish all our parishes and give them a voice in the Lord.
  7. Daddy, let there be unity in all our parishes that your blessing may be released upon them.
  8. Father, let there be a constant release of fresh word in all our parishes lading to supernatural increase.
  9. Daddy let all RCCG Churches become cities without walls by reason of unprecedented growth through such projects as Vision 1000.
  10. Daddy we condemn, come against and destroy every distraction, disruption, intervention of hell to limit the growth of our Parishes in 2012.

FOR THE NATION U.K - Mt 6:9-10, James 1:17, Ps122:6, 1s 54:17, Is 44:24-27, 2 Chron 7:14, Is 61:11.

  1. Father, we declare peace and tranquillity to prevail in U.K.
  2. 32. Father, we repent of our sins as a nation and pray for you to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.
  3. Father, we pray for our prime minister and the cabinet, for wisdom, courage to make right decision.
  4. Dear Lord, grant our economic leaders wisdom and insight to bring right policies to heal our economy.
  5. Daddy, uphold the Royal Family and the Queen. Let the Queen’s jubilee anniversary be used to bring souls to your kingdom.
  6. Dear Lord, breathe afresh on all the initiatives which RCCG UK is involved with this year. i.e.  Hope Initiative, Global Day of Prayer (GDOP), National Parenting Initiative (NPI), the London Olympic Games, etc to achieve eternal purpose.
  7. Daddy, we pray for all levels of government in UK for wisdom of God and Divine help to govern and fulfil heaven’s mandate.
  8. Father, in 2012, please expose and bring to judgment every intention of terrorists and non-favourable agendas of lobbyists against your purpose in U.K.
  9. Daddy, raise bold people up across the land who will declare your counsel and stand for righteousness.
  10. Dear Lord, Let UK experience Divine visitation this year that your Kingdom truly may come.

FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECY & MEMBERS - Is55: 10-11, Is 43:19, Ps 121:1-2, Ps 102:13, Deut 28:1-14, Jer 30:17-20, Is 10:27

  1. Father, let every member of RCCG experience divine help this year.
  2. Father, in 2012, let every RCCG member experience new promotion, new miracles and new testimonies in Jesus Name.
  3. Dear Lord, let there be unusual healing of all terminal disease in our member the year, (cancer, AIDS etc).
  4. Daddy, let everyone waiting for the fruit of the womb receive their miracle babies this year

as you terminate all forms of barriers in Jesus Name.

45. Oh Lord, let every troubled, unstable and difficult marriages in RCCG membership be

healed this year and grant them new wine.

46. Father, in this 2012 fast, let every eligible single waiting for marriage be located this year

and let there be marriages in Jesus Name.

47. Daddy, by prophecy, let family histories of RCCG members be re-written this year

in Jesus Name.

48. Daddy, let there be an end to family premature death in Jesus Name.

49. As you have prophesied, let our members experience the massive transfer of wealth this

year in Jesus Name.

50. Father, let there be an excellent spirit upon our members, academically. Let our students

and professionals be above only and never beneath in Jesus Name.

PERSONAL SUPPLICATION - Is55: 10-11, Is 43:19, Ps 121:1-2, Ps 102:13, Deut 28:1-14, Jer 30:17-20, Is 10:27

51. Daddy, this year, hasten to perform your promises in my life and family.

52. Father, let there be an unusual outpouring of your blessings upon our life and my


53. Daddy, keep me safe, holy, and sinless this year that I may please you in all I do.

54. Father, let 2012 be “A Year of New Things” for me in every ramification in Jesus’Name.

55. Father, plead my cause this year and let me arise in your power, glory and

56. Daddy, let every delayed blessing of mine be released speedily this year.

57. Oh Lord, wipe away my tears and usher me in a New season of laughter, joy and power.

58. Father, scatter and put to flight every confederacy of hell against my destiny.

59. Daddy, throughout this year 2012, let the blood speak for me, my household etc.

60. Oh Lord, shorten the distance between where I am and where I ought to be this year.



For Individuals:
1. He said many considered to be absolutely barren will be fruitful.

2. He said family histories will be rewritten, including an end to premature death.

3. He said desperate prayers will get quick reply this year.

4. He said some will experience massive transfer of wealth from the wicked to the just.

There will be many;

  1. Testimonies of creative Miracles
  2. Testimonies of lost opportunity restored
  3. New and deep divine revelation
  4. Testimonies of outstanding victories

For Nigeria:
1. God says He has surprises both for His own and for the enemies of the church.

2. He said before this year ends, it will be said of Nigeria; all is well that ends well.

3, He said we are to pray more for prominent Nigerians, so that those who see this year may see the next.

1. Daddy says there will be a lot of power transfer.

2. He said new phenomenon will startle scientists.

3. He said we are to pray against earth quakes of record magnitude, tsunamis of record proportion and massive hurricanes. if we pray they will be subdued.

4. The civil unrest that started last year, will begin to end this year.

1. Praise God for your life.
2. Father, January is the 1st month of the year, miracles that are the first of its type do it in my life. Give me first of its kind miracle in my life.
3. Father, February is the second month of the year, give me double blessings.
4. Father, March is the 3rd month of the year 2012 and three is a symbol of Almighty, in the month of March, show me your mightiness.
5. Father, April is the 4th months of the year, in the month of April from four corners of the world, send help to me. From the East, From the West, From the North and From the South.
6. Father, May is the 5th month of the year and five is a symbol of grace and favour. In the month of May, show me divine favour.
7. Father, June is the 6th month of the year, six is the symbol of unexpected breakthrough. In the month of June, give me an unexpected breakthrough.
8. Father, July is the 7th month of the year and seven is the number for perfection, in July perfect all that concerns me.
9. Father, August is the 8th month of the year and eight is the symbol of new beginning. In August 2012, give me a new beginning of everything that is good - joy, promotions, greater heights, blessings and new anointing.
10. Father, September is the 9th month of the year and nine is the symbol of all sufficiency. In the month of September 2012, prove that your are the all-sufficient God in my life.
11. Father, October 2012 is the 10th month of the year. Ten is the symbol of double grace; in October 2012 let me have a taste of your amazing grace.
12. Father, November is the 11th month of the year, eleven is the symbol of that which is exceedingly abundant. In November 2012 do for me what is exceedingly great and abundant than I can ever asked for.
13. Father, December is the last month of the year. In December 2012 crown all my efforts with glorious success.
14. Father, I know that nothing goes for nothing this year, let me serve you much more than ever before in every way possible - soul winning, paying tithes and offerings, church planting etc. Let me serve you this year more than ever before


Dear beloved

It is with great joy that I welcome you to this information Haven of The Redeemed Christian Church of God Rivers of Love. RCCG Rivers of Love started September 2005 with three members; we are a growing church and part of the RCCG world wide. Our General Overseer is Pastor E.A Adeboye. There are resources designed to enrich your spiritual life, such as book shop, devotional messages, audio messages, prayer points and links to healthy sites. 

As we move into the year 2012, the year of NEW THINGS, the King of kings will reign in your life. Our great Father will watch over you and enrich your life with joy unspeakable. Your time of promotion has come. The Lord from whom promotion comes will give you wisdom to work with your Divine partner that will result into joy Unspeakable for you and your family. 

The Lord is set to perform that which He has promised you in this year and your time of rejoicing has come. Your presence here is not an accident for “all things work together for good of them that love God. And them who are called according to His purpose” (Rom.8:28). The one who has brought you is able and faithful to do as He has said. Just focus on Him as the Holy Spirit takes you through every minute of the year; King of kings will reign in your life.

The Lord said to me clearly that this is year He will make all things new. My prayer for you is that their will be a new atmosphere in your marriage and in your life. atmosphere that is compatible with the fulfilment of the promises of God in Jesus priceless name.



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